Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This sounds more like a break, Avicii – Aftonbladet

Tim “Avicii” Bergeling has some things in common with Bjorn Borg .

Both were and are world famous.

and both ended at age 26.

Borg played his last tennis match against Henri Leconte in Monte Carlo in 1983 and Bergeling puts dj cap on the shelf for this year’s tour.

Now it’s not so Avicii ends, not in the literal sense. There is no definitive with his Facebook post.

The music he releases do not. And when it comes to concerts, he lands in some form of “you should never say never.”

“Never” is a big word to use when you’re only 26 and has a relatively short career behind him. The breakthrough with the single “Levels” was for only five years ago.

However, Avicii never felt comfortable in the role of superstar. He seems to regard the public spotlight with great suspicion.

He seems to like it better as EDM vampire – in darkened and isolated environments where the computer screen is the only source of light and where he undisturbed work with his music.

Those who want to be at peace, it is not always so easy today. The rumors are growing around such people. In Aviciis case, it was enough to end by saying that he looked a bit tired in the morning on a photograph of the fans would start to fear for his life.

The fact that in the future he chooses to live a more anonymous Max Martin -tillvaro as a songwriter is not a wild guess. It would certainly suit him better.

And, sure, now he has the chance to break through, playing superstar, add and make a grand comeback before it even stands 30 candles in the icing on the birthday cake.

It is so, quickly marched, regardless of genre.

and somewhere must the entertainment industry soon invent new words for “end” and “stop”. They mean nothing anymore. Everyone does it all the time.

How about taking a break?

For a little further out in the margin also announced Yohio that he is moving to Japan. He soon makes his final concert in Sweden.



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