Thursday, March 17, 2016

TV4 in crisis meeting after this inserts – Aftonbladet

Relationschoachen Lennart Matikainens statements on Facebook has caused storm watching.

Now call TV4 calls emergency meeting.

– What he says will stand for him, we take quite a distance from it, says Anna Rastner, program manager for the TV4 Group.

Relationschoachen Lennart Matikainen is involved in the TV4 program “Skilsmässohotellet”. On Facebook, he calls unaccompanied refugee for “beard children” and calls for expelling all Swedish feminists to the South Pole.

Viewers have responded strongly to his statements.

“I did not feel good at all when a relationship coach speak in a racist refugee and condescending about feminism. If you work with relationships should realize the importance of mutual respect between people, “writes one of them on TV4′s Facebook page.

” Acting in TV4 – spreading racist messages on the Internet. How do you answer the TV4? “Writes another.

Now taking channel steps to investigate whether the statements makes Lennart Matikainen can not continue working with them.

– We need to assess and evaluate this with Lennart, Anna Rastner , program. READ ALSO TV4 profile: “Age Test all beard child”

“Not very nice”

Will he continue to profile with you?

– he is no one profile, he participates in one of our programs. Whether he will continue to do it, I can not answer.

When a decision will be taken is unclear.

– I can not comment on.

Lennart Matikainen include filmed beggar, put out the clips on Facebook and at the same time accusing them of faking injuries. Is it consistent with making television programs for TV4?

– It does not sound particularly nice, but we do not know some of these things. That said, we need to examine and evaluate this before we take a decision.

Do you do any checks on your application profiles before they are hired?

– We do research on individuals, but in the current situation it is very difficult to control what is written in such private Facebook groups. There are thousands of people involved in our productions.


In a statement on his website calling TV4 Lennart Matikainens comments unacceptable.

– We takes a strong position against his statements on FB that we had to take part of the DN’s article today. We have high ceilings TV4 and it is important for us, however, we can now see that some of the groups that Lennart support on Facebook is so far from TV4′s values ​​and our vision of zero racism as you can get, says the channel.

“Skilsmässohotellet” led by author Denise Rudberg , and the program also involved the lawyer Mia Edwall .

Three episodes of “Skilsmässohotellet” remaining before the premiere season is over.

– They will be broadcast as planned, says Anna Rastner.

No more seasons of ” Skilsmässohotellet “is planned in the current situation.

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