Saturday, March 26, 2016

Man beaten in fights on the A6 – Sveriges Radio

– There are two people who got into trouble, then one has assaulted another, says Tommy Thorgren, police communicator.

The police were quickly on the scene and were able to arrest a man in their 30s, who now is reasonably suspected of beating.

the injured have been transferred to Ryhov Hospital for of medical attention. Police have no information about the serious damage it concerns.

The assault occurred at 18:17 on Easter Saturday evening.

During the afternoon and evening ten overly intoxicated people taken into custody by police. Four people suspected of minor drug offenses.

– It is as it usually is. There are a lot of people lining up their cars off the A6. There will be much celebration. For the most part, it is that people are happy and nice. But we tend to be in place to curb it would consume it, says Tommy Thorgren.


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