Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Isabel Adrian of concussion: “It just bang” – Aftonbladet

Isabel Adrian advanced choreography led to a mild concussion during one of the rehearsals.

Despite this, she chooses not to change in Friday’s numbers.

– it’s a bit like falling off a horse – just jump up again, she says.

it was during Tuesday’s rehearsal as the accident happened Isabel Adrian 38th

in a moment of dance where she glides along the floor hit the former Hollywood wife head to the floor, hard.

– it just bang, and then I will not really remember what happened, she said.

Hard to remember the choreography

At Wednesday’s rehearsal was Isabel Adrian clearly upset by the damage from the day before and it took several rehearsals and some persuasion from dancing partner Fredric Brown Mountain before Isabel Adrian ventured moment that led to concussion.

– There was a fear that put an end. But I want to get better and better, and then you have to do certain things. It’s a bit like falling off a horse – just jump up again, she says.

“Laughing and crying”

Furthermore, says Isabel Adrian that the contest is a very emotional event.

– It’s so funny, and so hard. I laugh and cry and we fight. But what’s best of all is that you really feel better and better at dancing.

Isabel Adrian’s involvement in the “Let’s Dance” in TV4 clashes with the filming of “Hollywood Wives” on TV3, which makes she was not involved in the latter of the two upcoming season. But there is nothing that bothers her.

– I felt complete with Hollywood Wives. I choose what I want to do and no one else can make demands on it, she says.


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