Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mannerströms concern chef participants in TV4 – Expressen

Sofie Gudmundsson burst into tears and had to leave “the Swedish master chef”.

Afterward was supported her by Leif Mannerström who says he is worried that the participants creaming .

– I support them forever, for I am as sorry for yourself, he says.

the finale of “Swedish master chef” in TV4 is fast approaching.

Wednesday’s semi-final did nerves themselves felt at the participant Sofie Gudmundsson, 24, from Malmö, who broke down and cried through his last race ever in the program.

the press and expectations of the jurors became too large, and the amateur chef could not pull herself together, which worried the judge Mischa Billing, 50th

– what, what is it that spins in the head? Do you know? Take a deep breath Sofie, she said in the program.

Sofie Gudmundsson told me crying that she lost it all press.

– I do not know, I just dropped it. It’s so close, and there is so much at stake. It’s damn hard to beat Katty, she said, and continued:

– No, I’m blown away by this.

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the tears continued to flow even when it was time for Leif Mannerström, 76 and Mark Aujalay, 44, to taste and evaluate performance.

Again wondered Mischa Billing what really was wrong. Sophie told me she just been taken by the moment.

– What was it that happened? asked the jury.

– Very Press, said Sofie Gudmundsson.

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after the tears were Sofie Gudmundsson finally by Catarina Konig, 31 from Gavle, who along with Daniel Lakatosz, 27 from Haninge, made it to the final.

Leif Mannerström tells us that the risk is imminent that the pressure becomes too great in competition rounds.

– I support them forever, for I am as sorry for yourself when they go out. But it is as it is, it’s such a competition and everyone knows that participate, he says, and continues:

– It is well in ordinary life, but especially in this kind of competitions. We must be fair and then it can be tough.

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