Wednesday, March 23, 2016

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” – Expressen

Thanks! What a bewildering surprise. I still yawns? Most likely.

Sensory processing is a bit overheated right now. Something may have exploded.

But in the mist I glimpsed a couple välmejslade male jawbone, several collapsing buildings and a sea of ​​fire. Say hello to the apocalypse, presented by Revelation.

Get the film project has been well foretold by such a strange combination of pessimism and enthusiasm like this. The fans basically hated choice of Ben Affleck as Batman, while critics behaved relatively cool to Zack Snyder’s update of the Superman Henry Cavill in the title role.

But when DC Comics is now expanding his universe and seriously begin to compete with Marvel, so Snyder seems to have thought, and decided to drive his style way into the tile. If Marvel is pop with tongue in cheek, this is dirty metal where it just pours in and really wallowing in religious symbolism.

All learns not be thrilled. But with my innate weakness of the biblical with a touch of gothic darkness and male torso, I find devastation appealing. We are from the outset faced a chaotic world, plagued by terror attacks similar. The good resemble more and more evil. “We have always been criminals,” said Batman. While Superman seems to be more difficult to be separated from his Messiah complex, despite the fact that Lex Luthor claims that no omnipotent can be good. The themes are recognizable, but this maxas its potential, both visually magnificent doomsday feel and more pronounced ideas.

With such a massive inferno in the ground, landing less weight on the main characters, which is Good. Henry Cavills lack of charisma becomes less noticeable, while Ben Affleck oborstat luxury men’s magazine aura feels surprisingly fitting. The introduction of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is additionally a vitamin injection, as well as yet another proof that superheroes works best in groups.

In a genre that should be completely worn out, successful “Batman v Superman” create a crazy mash up of absolutely everything, that feels innovative and awakens a desire for more.


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