Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Perrellis anger against NRJ “lies and slander” – Expressen

Charlotte Perrelli sharply criticizes the “Wake up with NRJ”.

In the live broadcast claimed the radio show claiming namely Charlotte Perrelli run around with German number plates to avoid paying the congestion charge, which the singer denies.

Meanwhile, tells TV host Ola Lustig to NRJ now pulling back the data.

“It’s incredibly distasteful,” wrote Charlotte Perrelli in a text message to Expressen.

It was earlier in the day as “Wake up with NRJ” on the air went out with information about Charlotte Perrelli has German number plates on his Volvo. This in order to avoid paying parking tickets and congestion tax.

“Not ok, what do you say?”, Writes “Wake up with NRJ” in a post Facebook signed Hosted by Ola Lustig.

However, according Charlotte Perrelli is itself data completely false and she now directs sharp criticism at “Wake up with NRJ” and Ola Lustig.

“Huh ?? Volvo was bought in Sweden and svenskreggad other words, this is a lie and slander ! Do not think Ola Lustig seem to be able to sit in the place he sits, he should not check the veracity of the rumors he hears or has he just made it all up? not ok, what do you say ?, she writes on Instagram.

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When Expressen reach Ola Lustig he says that the channel removed her status update.

– we’ve had some problems with our source, which was unexpected. this person has withdrawn the information. we do not know why or something more, but right now we have removed this, he says.

will you ask Charlotte Perrelli apologize?

– Yes, it is absolutely possible. If we have been wrong, we will of course apologize. Absolutely. But I do not know more at the moment.

How much did you have on your feet before you went out with this?

– It’s always difficult when you given a task and choose to trust a person, then it’s.

After the publication Expressen Ola Lustig developed incident and apologized.

– I take full responsibility for the consequences of my actions, says Lustig.

Charlotte Perrellis manager Staffan Jordansson is very critical.

– Charlotte is not happy Ola Lustig. He gets the act together, he can not write the shit he wants, even if he needs all the time in the spotlight, he said.

Are you connect lawyers?

– Yes, it must surely do. We will look at what we can do about it. What is the next step? He seems to have no track at all. It’s stupid, I do not know where he wants to come. It’s so damn unnecessary.


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In a text message to Expressen also targets Charlotte Perrelli harsh criticism against Ola Lustig:

“I do not have much more to say than that they have picked out their posts due to Ola Lustig has found everything. Amazingly distasteful! program manager and various other people from NRJ called middle management and wondering how they can make it up here. Slander straight off, “writes Charlotte Perrelli.

She continues:

” the Volvo is sven bought and svenskreggad, everything else drivel snack is also made up. do he is uneasy! No expertise to sit in that place he sits. “

Charlotte Perrelli says that NRJ themselves told them to go out with a retraction.

” I think this is quite embarrassing for them. just think it shows a lack of research and expertise. “

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