Friday, March 18, 2016

Tommy Nilsson “So much better” – Swedish Dagbladet

Tommy Nilsson forge while the iron is hot. A few weeks ago he appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest together with Patrik Isaksson and Marty Robbins. This summer, he plays both with Isaksson and Robbins and at Bathrobe tour, and in the fall he appears again in prime time when “so much better” starts.

Later this spring, he releases also new music. It therefore becomes very Tommy Nilsson in 2016.

– It’s a good year. I intend to earn the things, somehow. In recent years I have said yes to things other than I might have done in the past, allowing you come into people’s minds and become current. Then you suddenly be everywhere, he says.

Tommy Nilsson makes Little Jinder, Magnus Carlson, Lisa Ekdahl, Danny Saucedo, Freddie Wadling and Jill Johnson joined in “So much the better.”

He feels satisfied with this year’s group of artists.

– I was fortunate to be in a program with a nice bunch of people. It has something to talk about, it feels like it will be a good program.

Tommy Nilsson and Jill Johnson have played together before, but his heart is pounding a little extra for another one of autumn’s participants – which interpreted “Open your door” in the “Idol” a few years ago.

– Danny’s a great guy. He’s been on my music before. I recognize myself in him, actually. I do not know why, but he feels a bit like a little brother. Though he does not know about.


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