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Viewing Anger against SVT after night duel – Express

SVT’s amended rules revealed the winner early in the “Masters Champion”, says viewers.

Now, directs the great anger against the channel.

“Kind SVT allows viewers to figure out who would win in today’s rash final of the champions,” wrote one person on Twitter.

2011, the SVT rules in “Eternal Glory”.

If a participant is knocked out before the personal mästarfilmen demonstrated the participant to return to the house in another section to see the video. Previously, always a participant mästarfilm before he was sent home.

But the SVT change has barely been used, and not everyone knows about it. It has only happened twice to a participant bust out before his film shown, according to SVT. One occasion was when George Scott went out in the third season.

In the evening’s program challenged Hanna Marklund Niklas Jihde, the only one whose mästarfilm not yet been demonstrated.

It was also Jihde who remained in the program after night duel, which the viewers listed out prematurely.

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Stress torque burned and now directs several viewers fierce criticism of the channel.

“Two people go to night duel, but only a movie is shown. Satt’s not the needles in the couch immediately,” wrote one Twitter user.

“because no Jidhes tribute film shown but Mark Lund is so you knew already who would go …,” writes another.

“Given that Jihde would win because they did not show his film yet, ? “writes a third.

Another says that

” Love SVT but when you can figure out the night duel winner for his film has not been shown to clear the tension a little. “

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While participants are critical of SVT’s amendment which they said could ruin the excitement moment for the viewer.

Hanna Marklund, 38, football players from Skelleftea says it is sad that it appears that the contest is decided.

– it’s sad, of course, viewers will get the excitement. It would be so much better if we could not figure out how it goes. It removes tension element.

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