Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lisa Ekdahl date for “So Much Better” – Aftonbladet

Lisa Ekdahl, 44, singled out as the next artist in “So much the better.”

In a clip released on TV4′s Facebook page sings Danny Saucedo her song ” Open up your window. “

yesterday it became clear that Danny Saucedo , Freddie Wadling and Jill Johnson part in the next season of TV4′s flaggskep “So much the better.” Now singled singer and songwriter Lisa Ekdahl as the next name.

In a clip on TV4′s Facebook page sings Danny Saucedo at a few lines from her song “Open up your windows” and hints about the singer’s next participant will be presented.

Lisa Ekdahl broke through with smash hit “Who knows” in 1994 and has released a total of eight albums. During her career she has been awarded three Grammies and a Rockbjörnen. In 2014 she released the album “Look to your own heart.”

In Nyhetsmorgon yesterday told Jill Johnson that she is excited about the program.

– I think that the most tantalizing is to take to some thing else and love to redo. That’s what’s fun and inspiring, she said.

“So much better” recorded on Gotland in the summer and broadcast on TV4 in the autumn.

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