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The secret behind Maggio blue hair – Expressen

Ten years after the first single “Dump Me” Veronica Maggio back with their fifth album and a gig at Stockholm Olympic Stadium on August 13th.

Annah Björk meets Sweden greatest female performer in an interview about the new dark songs, the new hair color and to work together with a boyfriend again.

– I had not so good experience of working together with a boyfriend from last time … so, I actually have really spared the thing, says Maggio.

Veronica Maggio, 35, has dyed his hair blue grains. As the troll Plupp or Clementine in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” The hair was really only for the video for “The first is always free,” the first single from her fifth album.

But the color is still there.

– I’ve tried to wash out it with everything. But it does not go away, so now I’m blåhårig, she says and shrugs.

– It’s fine, except no clothes works, everything is ugly to blue …

on May 6, released the album, which bears the same title as the single. Veronica has just left songs for mastering, the very last thing that happens before they are completely ready. She is tired but happy, it was late before everything was ready on Sunday.

– This disc is less past, fewer flashbacks. For the first time I dared to write lyrics where the scenes are taken from the present. So “The first is always free” is an album that is more honest and darker, she says.

Production-wise, the Soul, which she so effectively mixed his direct pop on the first album, almost completely washed away. Instead, replaced by a syntigare sound.

– It will still be direct and poignant pop, I’m a big fan of. But we have done a little differently this time. Played the whole band at the same time, for example, she says.

The text is no longer about growing up is natural and simply a result of it becoming a pretty far distance when she was 20 years old.

– But for the sake of it, it’s not about kindergarten downloads and shopping in the supermarket. But I’ve always thought it’s scary to write about what is right now, because it was a good challenge, she says.

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just as before, she has worked with others to write and produce songs. One of them is Klas Gullbrand, guitarist in Veronicas strip – and her boyfriend.

– I had not so good experience of working together with a boyfriend from last time … So I actually have really spared the thing, she explains.

it is not the first time she makes music with his love. 2008 produced a certain Oscar Linnros her album “And the winner is …” while the two were a couple.

– But we two are not the best studio dynamics purely private … I know that Oskar also endorse. So now I had to first consider whether it is really a good idea to mix love and work.

She concluded that it was.

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During a trip to the Coachella festival in California, she met Niki and the Dove, which consists of the pair Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf.

– I was so incredibly inspired by them. They were completely kaosiga and lovely. And together, said Veronica.

The boyfriend Klas Gullbrand has mainly produced large parts of the disc, but also co-wrote part. They work not only together on “The first is always free,” but has a secret project together too.

– It is clear that it can be tedious to talk music and jobs all the time in their relationship, but on the other hand, it is what I love. Moreover, it is a liberating thing to work together well, we can go away and write together.

While meeting with Niki and the Dove became a musical collaboration and a song on the album. And just like on the last album, “The hand in your pocket though I care”, she has worked with Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare and Magnus Lidehäll. But Markus Krunegård, indie band Colleagues, producer Petter Winnberg and Patrik Berger has been written and produced the “The first is always free.”

– It’s a real all-star album, says Veronica Maggio and emphasizes a blue loop of the face.


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