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William Spetz: “really nervous that no one will come” – Aftonbladet

Grandma Ulla died in his arms.

In the autumn celebrates his her with a theater show to say goodbye to her.

– I really nervous that no one will come, says William Spetz.

She was his best friend in the whole world.

William Spetz , 19, grandmother Ulla died in his arms at the hospital in Umeå in January last year, lost his third parent, as he puts it.

in the fall do he was a stage show that becomes a love tribute to their relationship.

– She’s still so strongly present in my life. She was diagnosed with coal just as she would be retired and would fill 72 when she fell asleep.

Although the disease caused her to languish extinct never her spark.

– From 2010 to 2015 was bad. She was such an independent 40-baby boom women but lost strength. At every effort to get an asthma attack in principle. When she, who usually was so active, was forced to isolate themselves in their sofa and could not cook so she dropped although a part of himself, but the spark was still there until the last day. We could still sit next to each other, joke and laugh until we cried. I want to show people how strong she was.

“was set free when she went away”

During his last day she slept peacefully.

– Although death is so painful and filled with such sadness, I think the grandmother became free when she went away. The disease had pulled her down so long.

“Grandma, I know you’re in heaven, but you have an hour?” At the Scala Theatre is an imaginary final day where he and his grandmother changing life experiences before parting. Besides himself plays William Spetz even side characters adverse Sofia and Lisa high performance.

– I have noticed that I almost only female characters. I have had so much girlfriends all my life and have so much women around me, so it is well located just closer somehow. The only male character I have is Peter and he is sexist.

Are boys and girls so different really, then?

– No, I think not, that is my personal relationship … man as man. The characters supposed to be people, not sex.

If you write about yourself might be able to change the gender of characters to not make it so obvious?

– I do not know, I might have thought so subconsciously. I think everything is about how to do it, how I play Lisa. I will run with the expectations placed on her, rather than pushing with her.

Want to make the audience feel too

Despite a vårförkylning bubbles he endorphins to finally get to talk about show, his first theatrical performance in which he broadens his side from mere comedy.

– I want the audience to walk away from the theater and be filled with something, to have got to know. Since there is laughter, sadness, or just an awakened mind, I can not take responsibility for. I have something to tell, how to receive it is up to each one.

How easy is it to get your young audience to the theater?

– I’m really nervous that no one will come. The day before yesterday I could not sleep because I was thinking that “no one will come to this.” It’s really nerve-racking.

In the aftermath of the “Eurovision” he writes now clear the last of the script, summer ordained since the rehearsals before the premiere on September 8.

– This is the last thing I think before I go to sleep. I can wake up at night and write down the words in your mobile. When I wake up, I think “what the hell does that.” When I wrote “stick”, “fire,” “darkness”.

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