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Thorell play Thorvall: She was both beautiful and decay – Göteborgs-Posten

Cilla Thorell seen starring in the drama series The most forbidden to go on national television in the Easter weekend. To play Kerstin Thorvall is in many ways a dream role. Here she explains why.

“I would like to be a peony

painted by van Gogh

a large cut peony shamelessly


without fear of tomorrow

and decay

with brown dirty sheets

littering on the gravel “

wrote Kerstin Thorvall in the poetry collection the scent of a peony in 1980, a book that Cilla Thorell got from his mother in high school and thought a lot about. There and then touched her strongly of poems about love and unrequited love, and she also purchased the book to several of his friends.

– The poem, Scent of Peony, well give also a pretty nice picture of who the author wanted to be: both beautiful and decay. At the same time.

For teenage Cilla Thorell was Thorvall a companion to drain into a relationship tangles in the adult world. A woman who helped and comforted by telling everything, even about their most embarrassing achievements and shortcomings. Who wrote his life, drastically but also with very sharp sense of humor.

– She had a lot to contend with while growing up. The father was mentally ill and died when she was eleven. And the mother she experienced as fearful and overprotective. A large part of what she did later in his life occurred in spite of her.

To my dying day, I will show mom and aunts that I dare, that there was’ just right ” as it is in the back cover of the most forbidden, the novel about the sexually dissolute middle-aged woman – the mother – who created a moral panic, got Thorvall be reviled as kåtkärring, entertained the rich and the mother-hater, and gave his name to SVT’s new drama series, in directed by Tova Magnusson. Åsa Lantz has written the script for the story that focuses on certain key events in the author’s life, from the late 1950s onwards.

– It’s just that here many actors yearn for : to make a completely portrait of a man with such an interesting life. She periodically felt bad psychologically also was a challenge to explore and try to understand, says Cilla Thorell visible as Kerstin Thorvall of different ages 34-80 years.

– She devoted himself never ate to idealize itself but wrote that she experienced it. Everyday events interspersed with a smaller brushed sexuality. She pulls out things that we ourselves try to rub off. It was her style throughout her writing.

In this way, she was the mother, says Cilla Thorell, adding that many young feminists probably recognize themselves in her desire to have everything and get that go together: successful careers, good relationships, children and an exciting sex life.

She’s also a bit tired of Kerstin Thorvall writing so often reduced to revolve around sexual decadence and young lovers.

– Maybe she was not even as promiscuous by our standards. The difference was that she wrote about it on his lover. All was not so young either, there was the occasional alcoholic and therapist, too, old men.

Kerstin Thorvall was under Thorell troublesome to the last, driven by their work and sadly underrated for his literary style. In total, she wrote 68 novels, among them besides poetry is also a large amount of children’s books.

– I have tried to understand her hundred percent. At the same time, I can see beyond the role that she and others in her neighborhood, had to pay a high price for that she was unable to set limits. It is impossible to excuse child maltreatment. I’m still incredibly grateful that she dared to write as she did about herself. Even today it is a huge taboo to be inadequate as a parent. Especially if you are a failing mother.

FACTS: The most forbidden

What: drama series in three parts depicting Kerstin Thorvall life from 1959 onwards, with strikes in periods when the author is 34, 43, 51 and 80 years.

Registration: Tova Magnusson

Script: Åsa Lantz

cast: Cilla Thorell, Magnus Krepper, Anna Bjelkerud, Jack Hancock and others

Music : Jenny Wilson

on TV: SVT 25, 26 and 27 March and on SVT Play.

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