Wednesday, March 30, 2016

So let Håkan Hellström’s new album – Expressen

Later this year released Håkan Hellström’s new album.

Now reveals producer and låtskrivarpartnern Björn Olsson to Gothenburg Son draws inspiration from one of Sweden’s biggest bands.

– It sounds less indie and more Abba on the new songs, he says the blog Hisingenftw.

This year, let Håkan Hellström, 41, his eighth disc. And Peppen is large. Already in April, a sample of four songs released and in an interview with the blog Hisingenftw now reveals producer and låtskrivarpartnern Björn Olsson how the album sounds.

– It sounds less indie and more Abba on the new songs, he says to Hisingenftw.

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During the summer, conducting Håkan Hellström several concerts at Ullevi and it is for these shows that the new album expected to be released. According to Björn Olsson has the great performances influenced the new material, which is also produced by Charlie Storm.

– It’s obvious that it’s more serious now with the big concerts and so, everything sounds more uppstyrt, and it is after all thanks to Charlie Storm, says Björn Olsson and continues:

– he’s been important before, but now he has become indispensable to Hakan. Everything gets a little better when he’s with. He is so damn clever, he also plays some drums and synthesizer and guitar on some of the new songs.

When Expressen, as Björn Olsson says that he can not say much more about the record.

– I can only say that it’s really fun that it will come, everyone is happy. But I can not say when it will come.

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He also develops the quote Abba-influences:

– You know where we all come from, india’s almost död.Innan Hakan Hellstrom became a solo artist, he played in Gothenburg bands Honey is Cool and Brother Daniel. So far he has released seven solo albums. The latest, “It will never be over for me”, was released in 2013.

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