Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aviciis brother: “He really is burnt at both ends” – Aftonbladet

Tim “Avicii” Berg Ling family support star of the choice to stop touring.

His half-brother Anton Körberg explains to Aftonbladet that he has been concerned.

– It’s supposed “wonder how long will he cope?”. Now they’ve got the answer, says Körberg Nöjesbladet.

Actor and artist Anton Körberg , 38, then Tim “Avicii” Berg Ling brother, think it is the right decision of the artist to withdraw.

– He has worked so damn hard for five years at a stretch. A period was the seven gigs in three days in four different countries. When one thinks “what the hell, come again?”. It should actually be nice to see him to rest up. He really burned at both ends right now, says Anton Körberg Nöjesbladet.

Anton did not know Aviciis plans in advance, but there is nothing that shocks him. Just because his schedule was so tight for so long.

– I have absolutely no idea if he will return. Maybe it will start to itch … I have absolutely no idea, he said.

“Not been seen”

He explains that the family has been there as a support during the difficult time.

– When he’s home, we try to meet, but he tours so much. We have not seen. And the only way to be seen is to go on any tour, he said.

He has plans to meet with his brother Tim considerably more now.

– It will be nice to able to say “we’ll rent a movie today and eat some tacos?” Such a thing. For I do not think that he has done in five years. There, I look forward, says Anton.

Have you been concerned about?

– You do not know really. One can only imagine that it will be damn hard and stressful for him. Sure, it’s supposed “wonder how long will he cope?”. Now they’ve got the answer, then, he says.

“Ordinary life”

Körberg and Bergeling met a few months ago.

– After he has rested up, I think he will try to catch up with having a normal life. Or a little more normal life. For he will never be able to have a completely normal life. With usual, I mean that he will not sit in a two-room apartment somewhere with a thick televisions. He has another life, he says.

Avicii has during his career has had some health problems. In 2012 he was admitted to hospital after suffering from inflammation of the pancreas. READ ALSO PLUS The music teacher wanted to give Avicii IG – in music


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