Friday, March 18, 2016

“Will miss Ewa Froling ironic comments” – Expressen

The men Rabaeus and Wassberg was certainly no phantoms on the dance floor. I thought one of them would go first.

And so it was fun sweetie Ewa Froling, although she danced a decent tango.

you will miss Ewa Froling ironic comments, which it received some samples of this dance night which included a lot of laughs – and of course some tears.

the tears have Linda Lindorff delivered in recent days after a painful muscle strain. Now she struggled through a samba against doctor’s orders, kept a straight face and body up, but afterwards she was out and tears were coming.

– I’m not going to cry more, I’m happy now, she moaned.

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Top duo were strong and in a class by itself.

Elisa Lindstrom in an elegant and comical dance, where she had the right fluency across the floor of the american smooth. She trains hard and develop.

Bianca Ingrosso in a happily bounced jive with the right seam of the lower leg. She will be better for each dance.

Toni Prince made an energetic tango – although the duck’s tail sticking out.

Pia Johansson bubbled jokingly and got his feet to hang with the rest of the body . And Nassim al Fakir with its exploding teenage laughter appeared to have difficulty controlling their own energy.

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In the bottom of the older men, the great actor and the legendary skier. Both were surprised when they walked on.

Johan Rabaeus danced a jive, that was more than springy SPAVINED. When he went on you could see the picture that he said a surprised “What?!”

Thomas Wassberg did not really present when he rigid stepped around the samba and stretched out his arms as if he showed any way.

No wonder Tony gave him “composite” – it means a one.


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