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After the fans’ anger – make extra concerts – Expressen

After the fans’ anger – now release the Kent several extraordinary concerts.

The band makes an extra concert in Stockholm the day before the very last play.

“Placed in a few minutes here,” they write on their Facebook page and links to AXS.

at 12.00 was released tickets to Kent’s farewell tour. The pressure was huge and tickets to the very last concert in Tele2 Arena December 17 quickly sold out – now the band released new concert dates.

Among other things, makes Kent an extra concert in Tele2 Arena the day before the last show ever. On November 12, the Malmö Arena.

And the extra concerts keep arriving as the original dates sold out.

Now tickets to Linkoping and Gothenburg outside.

“released within a few minutes here,” writes the band on their Facebook page and links to AXS.

last week confirmed the band Kent to the upcoming tour will be the last ever.

” this is not the end because we are bored together or because we do not want any longer. this is the end to the best of all yesterday’s and tomorrow’s celebrations have a farewell itself, “wrote Kent when on its website.

When the tickets were released earlier today ticnet, now Ticketmaster and AXS thousands of fans queued to get tickets. The atmosphere quickly became irritated.

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“Classic TicketMaster. Took me through the queue through my Iphone, but it there is no button to actually be able to buy tickets, “wrote one person on Twitter.

” TicketMaster just as useless as usual …, “wrote another.

” What happens at ticnet? Not a damn thing! “skewed a third.

a person queued for three hours and then get rid of their tickets because of a technical error.

” I want to thank Ticketmaster for the experience to stand in line then 9, and when you enter, you get “technical fault” and the tickets away. “

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Ticetmaster wrote on his website:

“There are many in the queue, we handle all in turn.”


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