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Veronica Maggio has found love again – Expressen

Soon Veronicas new album.

Now tell the singer that she has found love again – as a producer Klas Gullbrand, 36th

– I think I’m actually a little jealous, she says.

Veronica Maggio, 35, is up to date both with a new album new single “The first is always free “. Next week visiting her podcast “Gry & amp; Anders with friends” and it tells her that she has found love again.

The new boyfriend is Klas Gullbrand, who produced the parts of the new album, reports Aftonbladet.

In the podcast Veronica Maggio including the question whether she is a jealous person.

– Oh now I have to examine my person. But I’m probably actually a little jealous, she says in the pod.

Anders Timell then asks if she wont look at Klas Gull Brands mobile.

– No, God no. I do not do anything about it. I try to swallow my jealousy and pretend it does not exist.

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The boyfriend eyes, however, jealousy.

– Yes, he does.

Veronica Maggio was previously associated with Oscar Linnros, who produced her album “And the winner is …”.

I pod ask Gry Forssell her about how it is to be with another person she works with, and it was tough.

– Yes, she answers.

on the question how dare she do it again, she answers:

– I’m probably just stupid. No, but I know that in the end is still always the music before. It tends to be so. I can imagine how many irrational thoughts any time before, this I will not write about this or should I not disclose and do. And then I do it anyway.

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– But it shows that there is something very nice there as one feel good.

Veronica Maggio, who lined up success after success, also talks about his performance anxiety in the podcast.

– I live only a constant anxiety. Last time I would release a record, I called my friends if we could move from here together if it would go to hell. I have that feeling in the body, she says and continues:

– It was the same with “Satan in the street,” then I lay sleepless all night and felt that everything was over.

Expressen looking for Veronica Maggio through her booking agent.

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