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Therefore publishes JK Rowling nasty letter – Expressen

JK Rowling is then Harry Potter books one of today’s best known writers.

Despite this, she has received two rejection letters from publishers of a book which was published in 2013, she now shared on Twitter.

“for inspiration, not for revenge,” writes the author of the picture.

It started with “Harry Potter – the Sorcerer’s stone” in 1997, and from there the career of author JK Rowling pointed straight up.

But now she has shared a picture on Twitter depicting two rejection letters from publishers.

This applies to the book “the cuckoo’s Calling”, released in 2013, JK Rowling wrote under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

Have got two rejection letters

One book publisher writes in his letter, which was sent sometime before 2013, that the man of the moment was not able to bring in new writers.

the second book publisher writes in her whom immigration was refused the author can seek help with his writing in bookshops or visit a writing class. And that made the decision that we can not publish the book with commercial success.

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JK Rowling: “not revenge”

But JK Rowling says that she is not shared refuseringsbreven to get revenge – because she has previously removed the signatures.

“for inspiration, not for revenge, “writes the author of the picture.

When JK Rowling released” the cuckoo’s Calling “under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith did not take long before it was discovered that it was Harry Potter author who has written detective story.

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The book had previously sold 1500 copies, and within a few hours after the revelation it had climbed more than 5,000 points of sales site Amazon’s website, wrote the BBC then.

JK Rowling also said she hoped to keep secret a little longer.

“Anyone else want to admit?”

at the moment I realized another publisher that she had declined to himself JK Rowling, without knowing it.

“So, I can now say that I declined to JK Rowling. I was reading and said no to the cuckoo’s Calling. Anyone else want to admit? “wrote the publisher then on Twitter according to the BBC.

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