Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thousands took tons when Idol came to town – Göteborgs-Posten

Thousands of songbirds searched luck at Idols competitions during Easter evening. The competition was fierce.

– Our biggest audition in Gothenburg so far, says Pär Lernström.

Chance of celebrity. Löddeköpingebon Simon Akesson, 21, warming up the voice with Karlshamnsbon Amanda Conrad, 16. They were hoping to get a golden ticket of the jury. Image: Thomas Johansson

Songbird. Perhaps we will see Angelina Fridérius, 19, on the TV screen in the fall. Image: Thomas Johansson


Facts: Idol 2016

Idol visiting five cities: Malmö, Östersund, Gothenburg, Skövde and Stockholm.

Those who receive a golden ticket proceeds directly to the tryouts in Stockholm.

the new jury consists of Fredrik Kempe, best known from her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Since 2007 he has been involved as a songwriter every year.

New in the jury are also Nikki Amini who has written songs for the likes of Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

And Quincy Jones III, son the actor Quincy Jones, has worked with Mariah Carey and rapper 50 Cent.

the program is broadcast in the fall for TV4.

– I’d love to join the Idol!

An excited but nervous Angelina Fridérius, 19, has a quarter left before she is in and try your luck at the producers. Boras-girl hope Adele’s song When we were young takes her on to the jury in Stockholm.

– But my goal is to come up with and take home the course, she says and laughs.

A few meters behind Angelina Fridérius says Simon Akesson, 21, from Löddeköpinge and listens to 16-year-old Amanda Conrad from Karlshamn when she practices on the Ex’s & amp; Oh’s Elle King. In a few minutes she was in and sing for the jury.

– So fucking good, praises Simon broad Skåne.

He himself singing “Listen” by Beyonce. He takes tons but is soon interrupted by funktionärens voice of the speaker.

– Oh, now we’re going up, he says and disappears away with Amanda Conrad behind a blue veil.

The spring sun is shining on Pär Lernström, 35, outside Erik Berg Hall. He programs lead Idol for the fifth year and do not think talent will end in Sweden.

– Then we get the close down this program.

In order Pär Lernström is sentimental lead the race for Sweden’s next star. He will be most affected by their parents’ reactions.

– I see a parent weeping beside his 16-year-old who just got a golden ticket starts myself crying, he said.

This year continues the hunt with a new panel. Fredrik Kempe, Nikki Amini and Quincy Jones III takes over from mainstays Anders Bagge, Laila Bagge and Alexander Bard.

Fredrik Kempe is perhaps most renowned, but both Amini and Jones has the least impressive track lists.

– Nikki has been working with the largest and Quincy Jones III comes from the hip-hop and R n ‘B-side.

the new jury will want to put their own stamp on them going forward , believes TV host.

– Occasionally, this program has been a popfabrik, but now we are broadening us and opens up more genres and different types of artists, he said.

Inside the Erik Berg Hall rays few songbirds of joy. But those who received no runs with heavy steps back to the friends who kept them company since early morning.

– It’s broken dreams and as many jumps of joy, says Pär Lernström.


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