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Jihdes criticism of Swedish Television: “Had enough not supposed to really” – Aftonbladet

Niklas Jihde was beaten by Jörgen Persson in tonight night duel in “Eternal Glory”.

Now, hockey legend critical of how he ended up there.

– it was not really like that they had full control, says Jihde.

In the fourth episode of “Masters champion” would determine which three of the first group that would go on to the final rounds.

the remaining participants were Peter Forsberg , Caroline Ek , Jörgen Persson and Niklas Jihde .

the latter two made up the final seat in a night duel that Persson was victorious. Jihde had to pack our bags and go home.

Now, he is critical of how he ended up in the night duel.

forced to break

In the section’s first round, participants would get through an obstacle course, which ended with the horizontal bars of a pine. The challenge would prove too difficult for two of the evening’s participants. Neither Niklas Jihde or Jörgen Persson was able to complete the race, and had to break.

– They probably had not really thought of it felt like. The bags weighed the type 20 kg. The production had certainly tested only piece with needles and not the entire obstacle course, says Jihde.

Peter Forsberg and Caroline Ek did go into the net?

– it was hardly Foppa dried, and he had been able to move on Kebnekaise if he wanted to.

– What feels most boring was well actually that the contest was designed so that you could not even get to the finish if you do not was strong enough. Normally, one can pick up with no points regardless of what position you end up at, but now we became the zeroed. The SVT had probably not anticipated, says Jihde, which is backed by Jörgen Persson.

– At least they had been able to do so it by me and Jihde who arrived at the needles got to get third place and that the person came shortest was four. Then we had of course got us points, says Persson.

Neither Jihde or Persson managed to make up for the lost points, and were later against each other in the night duel.

champions Jihdes rage – that television is not displayed

” Tests always courses in advance “

According to SVT is tested courses always carefully in advance. While striving production always allow everyone to conduct the competitions.

– We see no intrinsic value in ensuring that participants are forced to break, so to some extent, Niklas right that it was a little wrong. However the contest was designed to test a combination of speed, agility and strength. Then there will be heavy. But exactly where those levels are, it is impossible to know in advance, says Anders Wistbacka , project manager for the Masters champion.

Next week, the program enters a new phase, where six new participants will fight for the final scenes.

the group consists of Bjorn Ferry , Kicki Johansson , Kennet Andersson , Anders Eriksson , Inez Karlsson and Heidi Andersson.

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