Monday, March 14, 2016

Hakan Steen about Kent put down: “They have achieved all they can achieve in … – Aftonbladet

Kent put off.

Strangely enough, I was not the least surprised.

Clean Kent ideologically feels completely obvious that they choose to stop when they are still the country’s biggest bands.

Kent has since his debut album in 1995 been exemplary good at taking care of her career. With admirable consistency, they have taken small steps forward and managed to get their music to go with which they have found themselves in life.

The band lived in Stockholm for over twenty years but still very much is from Eskilstuna has never set up on a lot of nonsense, but built his career completely on their own terms. Nor have they done too much. With the upcoming album “Then as now, forever”, we expect to twelve studio albums in 21 years.

The important thing was to make it as good as possible. Mainly to Kent would hate themselves if they are released from something that felt the least bit half-hearted.

The dignity was intact and that is partly why Kent is the biggest Swedish rock band ever, with a unique dedicated crowd fans.

it is therefore logical Kent ends when they are still on top. They have achieved all they can achieve in Sweden. And it’s harder to play in a rock band, the older you get. Three of the four Kent fill 46 this year, and not because there is no age for an artist in 2016, I expect to get things scare this band more than to be called irrelevant old men. The lukewarm reviews of last year’s only concert at Bråvalla festival worked possibly as a little warning bell.

Better to go out of style, and it is only to lift his hat to the Kent does. The video “Then as now, forever”, which appeared last night, is clean sweeping with all references to album covers and other parts of Kent history.

We get a last studio album, a collection plate and a long arena tour in the fall. And for the fans to have time to get used to the idea of ​​a world without Kent published the obituary already.

“This is the end to the best of all yesterday’s and tomorrow’s celebrations have a farewell itself” as they write themselves in today’s press release.

I saw Kent first time in a beer tent in Hultsfred 1994 and has seen them countless times since. Not many bands I’ve written about in my time as a music journalist. Get Swedish artists have been given to a suite albums that I agree more.

To the great emotions flowed on social media when the news became known was not surprising. Kent belongs to that small band of bands that people lean their lives to. Jocke Berg texts have that effect, and the music is rare good to accentuate it.

But I do not mourn. Instead, I hold in high regard the decision to put on such a neat way here. The Ark, which Kent once helped out, did the same thing the other year and it is just as a good band should do.

And the boards are still there. Probably this is not the last we hear from Kent members. All have already been involved in various side projects. Jocke Berg has written hits for both Titiyo and Ellie Goulding and sung duets with Lisa Nilsson . The idea of ​​a solo album from him feels far from unreasonable.

So everything will be all right, you shall see. Above all, there will probably be a very special and emotional Kent last year. Image Extra: The band’s history in pictures PLUS From Eskilstuna Rock Bears and concerts


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