Friday, March 25, 2016

Rabaeus: “Now I will take a giant glass of wine” – Aftonbladet

In the evening there was Johan Rabaeus turn to leave Let’s Dance.

He is not surprised.

– I’m not the best dancer I’m an amateur. I thought I would go out last time, he said.

He was the second lowest score of the jury and the viewers had their say, it was Johan Rabaeus who received leave “Let’s dance”.

– it’s a black day for Swedish dance, says Johan Rabaeus in the program just after the announcement.

Even so, he takes the news calmly.

– It feels great. I have had a wonderful time with Cecilia, it’s been a blast. I had not expected that I would win this somehow. I am happy that I have passed me so long as I have done. Everyone wins, or what is it they say?

What should you do now?

– I’ll take a giant glass of wine. And give Cecilia a kiss on the mouth!

“It is well popular”

If the jury had to decide was Thomas Wassberg knocked out of the race, but once again he was saved by viewers’ votes.

– It is well popular anyway then somehow, he says and laughs.

Wassberg is satisfied with his rumba, despite the fact that the jury only gave him 11 points.

– it was probably the best we’ve done so far. I thought I put the ladder well when we trained, and now I got to feeling well, I think.

“Did not think it would go so bad”

Toni Prince scored 15 points out of jury, yet it was he who received the second lowest score merged with viewers’ votes and therefore was close to busting out.

– it’s tough to open a night, so it was a bit expected. But I did not think it would go so bad, he says.

What should you do to keep you in the race?

– Now I bet hard. I will continue to be myself, how I am and show my dance as good as possible.

[Bianca: "Now we're going to party, party, party"]


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