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Tommy Nilsson ready for “So Much Better” – Expressen

Tommy Nilsson is ready for the next season of “So much better”

Nilsson, who was featured in Friday’s “News Morning”, is the last participant who will be with the music program.

– Very funny, really, he says in the “News Morning”.

Tommy Nilsson was the last participant to be presented for the upcoming season of “So much the better.”

in a clip that TV4 posted on his Facebook page on Friday gave Little Jinder a clue about who the last artist is, and then pointed Tommy Nilsson out – which proved to Meeting.

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Tommy Nilsson has a number of famous songs in their luggage, such as “one day” and “Open your door “. Nilsson has previously played in several bands before he decided to pursue a solo career.

He has also been in Melodifestivalen several times, most recently this year when he competed together with Uno Svenningson and Patrik Isaksson . He also represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1989 when he finished fourth with “One day.”

And on Friday morning, it was confirmed in the “News Morning” that he will be with the “So much better”.

– very funny, really, says Nilsson in “Nyhetsmorgon”.

– this is one of those programs that, at least most of the artists want to be in. you’re vain, you want the sit there and be interpreted.

and he very much look forward to interpret even the other people’s songs, although he knows it will be a great challenge.

– Little Jinder becomes something to bite. and then there are the good ones that are closer to me when it comes to texts and so, both Magnus and Jill, for example, he says.

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the other participants in the upcoming season, Jill Johnson, Freddie Wadling, Danny Saucedo, Lisa Ekdahl, Magnus Carlson and Little Jinder. But the latter had actually intended to say no – until she learned that Freddie Wadling would set up the program.

It revealed Little Jinder when she visited the “News Morning” on Thursday.

– he’s so powerful. Not to diss anyone else, but it felt like the quality of the program was increased by three million percent when he was with, she said then.


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