Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kent released three additional concert dates – Expressen

Kent quickly sold out tickets to his farewell tour.

But now announces the band on its Facebook page that it will be another three extra concerts – one in Stockholm, one in Gothenburg and one in Malmo.

Last week Kent announced that they lay down. This makes this autumn’s upcoming tour the band’s last ever – and the tickets quickly sold out.

Thousands of fans queued for hours to get tickets, but many were not, and got angry at the organizers.

“Classic TicketMaster. Took me through the queue through my Iphone, but there is no button to actually be able to buy tickets,” wrote one person on Twitter.

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and it was not the only one who had problems with the ticket purchase.

” I want to thank Ticketmaster for the experience to stand in line then 9, and when you enter, you get “glitch” and the tickets away, “wrote another person.

Even when the tickets were released on Saturday, it was announced that there will be a number of extra concerts – and now has three more dates to come.

on his Facebook page informs the band to the case of a third concert in Stockholm on 15 December a gig in Gothenburg on 29 September and a concert in Malmö on 13 november.

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Kent released his self-titled debut album in 1995 and has since produced a number of popular and award-winning songs, including “Music non stop,” “the others” and “Love is waiting.” Last week was released the new single “Egoist” from the upcoming, final album.

The announcement that the band puts down came when they released a video on its website, where several references to former Kent album were included.

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