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Josefin Nilsson’s last days of life – Expressen

Josefin Nilsson died suddenly on Monday – the family has not yet received answers about dödorsaken.

The last time, she put their hope in an operation that friends thought would do everything well.

– We are together here on the island, says mom Doris about the family gathered.

Now mourned Nilsson family and artist Sweden – boyfriend Thomas Sundstrom told me that he met Josefin as recently as a few days ago.

Josefin Nilsson walked quickly away in his home yesterday.

Ainbusksångerskan and actor was 46 years old.

on Monday, the family gathered on Gotland to support each other, says Josefin Nilsson’s mother Doris.

– We are together here on the island, said the mother Doris Nilsson.

the family has not yet received any answers about what caused the death.

Doris says that her daughter has been unwell for some time.

– I’m incredibly sorry , it came totally unexpected. She’s been under the weather, but it was still very unexpected.

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Gotland County Governor Cecilia Schelin Seidegård, felt Josefin.

Josefin Nilson had problems with the hip

She says Josefin Nilsson was in pain because of hip problems. Josefin has previously undergone two surgeries on his back.

And several weeks ago underwent Josefin Nilsson a new operation, the friends put their hope.

– She had problems with her hip . She had been in pain and problems with it, and the problems before, but she’s been pretty open with. We have thought all that after the surgery, everything would be fine again, says Cecilia Schelin Seidegård.

Josefin Nilsson was in the midst of his comeback when she suddenly passed away, says Thomas Sundstrom who worked with the artist at the County Theater on Gotland.

the plan was to take the show “the sisters sisters” to Stockholm.

– She was about to enter the second part of his career. She was on her way back. She embraced it very strongly. Her performance as she did here on Gotland. She had a physical problem which meant that she had problems with hair loss. First, she wanted to have a wig. But then she came on this course, she was. So in the middle of the concert, she took off his hat and asked: “Do you think I will do now?”. Says Sundström.

The friend met Josefin Nilsson day before yesterday

The friend Sundstrom told that the Josefin Nilson fell asleep in their home.

– Whether we or the family know more, but it will surely appear. I do not know what the reason was. We met as recently as the day before yesterday to talk about this. We would meet again tomorrow, he said.

After the announcement of Josefin Nilsson’s death, she was honored by the Swedish artists. Her former boyfriend, Hannes Holm, tells of grief.

– She was boundless in many ways. She was infinitely beautiful and infinitely sang wonderfully and she had a boundless charisma, he says and continues:

– For me it is very bewildering and shocking. It will take a long time to agree with God that it happened. It was very unexpected.

The artist’s last appearance

Josefin Nilsson last appearance for the audience took place last summer on Gotland, where she performed with her sister, Marie, at the governor’s annual summer party.

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– They performed maybe 20 minutes but it was really quite breathtaking, says Cecilia Schelin Seidegård, County governor of Gotland, and continues:

– We will miss her, even if she will forever be with us.

the family refers to Thomas Sundstrom on Gotland’s county theater.


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