Monday, March 14, 2016

Kent: “The last album” – Västerbotten Courier

Fun Telegram The rock band Kent dies December 17, 2016, according to a video released on the band’s website.


Kent (1995)

Really (1996)

Isola (1997)

Isola (English 1998)

Hagnesta Hill (1999)

Hagnesta Hill (English 2000)

B pages 95-00 (2000)

Guns & amp; Ammunition (2002)

& amp; I Death (2005)

The Heart & amp; Pain EP * (2005)

Back to the contemporary (2007)

Red (2009)

A Place in the Sun (2010)

I’m not scared of the dark (2012)

Tiger Queen (2014)

not a full-length album.


on Sunday evening published the Swedish rock band Kent a video entitled “Then as now, forever” as the end contains the lyrics “May 16, 1990 – december 17 2016,” “the last album” and “Last tour”.

the video depicting a marching band made up of individuals was posted on the band’s website. The video includes references to the band gigs, records and music videos. When it then spread via the band’s social media got an immediate response from people who dread for the popular group will close down.

Last month, Kent, consisting of Joakim Berg, Martin Shield, Markus Mustonen and Sami Sirviö , elected to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame.

the multiple Grammy-winning band, which was formed in Eskilstuna in 1990 under the name “Jones & amp; The poison “, released his latest album” Tiger Queen “in 2014.

Last year, the band played a few festivals, in Bråvalla in Norrkoping, Finland and Denmark. The year before organized their own festival Kent Kent Party, in Gothenburg and in Stockholm.

The most famous gig the band did in 2003, before a packed Stockholm Stadium. Kent had urged the audience to dress entirely in white, something they both praised and criticized.


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