Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Suzanne Osten’s film gets 11-year limit – Västerbotten Courier

It eventually becomes the 11-year limit for Suzanne Osten’s controversial film “The girl, her mother and the demons.” This then Supreme Administrative Court before the weekend decided not to grant leave to appeal in the matter, writes Swedish Radio’s “New Culture”.

The decision puts an end to a conflict that lasted all spring. National Media Council decided in March that the film would get a 15-year limit. Suzanne Osten, who want the film to have the 11-year limit, appealed to the Administrative Court of Appeal and won. National mediated appealed in turn.

The Media Council did not meet with the Administrative Court of Appeal and then pushed the case to the Supreme Administrative Court. Throughout the process, the film had a 15-year limit.

“The girl, her mother and the demons” may, however, 15-year limit in Denmark, where the Danish Media Council, like the Swedish, claiming that several scenes in the film can be scary for younger children.


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