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Christer Sjögren’s grief after Möllberg – Expressen

They lived together in the 1960s and played together in the same dance.

Now, says Christer Sjögren of mourning Streaplers singer Bo “Bosse” Möllberg.

– It’s tragic. I have heard in a roundabout way that he had been sick, but I did not know how sick he was. It’s very, very sad, he said.

During the night of Sunday went dance artist Bo “Bosse” Möllberg away after a long illness . It is his wife Eva Möllberg which tells of the death. The singer, who was previously a member of the dance band Streaplers, passed away due to an incurable brain tumor.

Now, says his friend and former band colleague Christer Sjögren about grief.

– It was a shock to see on the news that he had passed away. It is tragic. I have heard in a roundabout way that he had been sick and I had intended to make contact with him, but I did not know how sick he was. That it was so bad I did not know. It’s very, very sad, he says, and continues:

– He was a nice guy. He was a very kind and nice man.

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Christer Sjögren about Bosse Möllberg

Christer Sjögren and Bo “Bosse” Möllberg played together in the band Pelle between 1968-1974, where Chris Bosse played bass and guitar. Both sang in the band. For a year they lived two colleagues also together and shared a small apartment in Mariestad with two rooms and a kitchen.

– We were like thieves, we lived together and played together four or five nights a week and had very, very funny. We stuck together through thick and thin and was very close, says Christer Sjögren and continues:

– I remember we bought a stereo system together as we shared. It was expensive, but we were so interested in music, so we put together and bought it together. We hung out on the lock at the record store together when the Beatles CDs released and we played them over and over again.

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Christer Sjögren about mourning the singer

1974 ended Bosse Möllberg in Pelle and four years later Christer Sjögren the Vikings. The contact between the two friends became increasingly sporadic and later moved to different cities.

– We kept in touch sporadically afterwards, but the last few years we have not heard. It becomes so when you live in different places, you lose contact. Last time we met was when he came and looked at my show on Rondo in 2005. He was there with his wife Eva and I remember that he said that the show was fantastic and good, I remember well, says Christer Sjögren.

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