Monday, May 16, 2016

Eurovision may become the “World Vision” – Aftonbladet

More and more people want to be at the party.

In the future, the ESC developed for World Vision.

Now, disclosed new ideas for the competition.
– There’s lots of ways to develop this, says Johan Bern Hagen, executive producer of the ESC, in “Good morning Sweden”.

this year Eurovision Song Contest is over and the program has grown so fast. For the first time sent the huge music competition in the United States and China. Superstar Justin Timberlake visited and invited on the show and the pop-loving Australia, who participated for the second time, was one of the favorites to win the competition.

“Eurovision is the exception”

It is obvious the Eurovision grown far beyond Europe’s borders. The morning “Good morning Sweden” was attended by Martin Österdahl and Johan Bern Hagen, executive producers for the ESC. They told us about the success and revealed details about possible future plans for the competition.
– We’re talking about broadcast television’s decline and the entertainment television has lost this family-collecting function. Eurovision’s the shining exception that continues to grow and win new territories. It is difficult to say how great it can be, but I still think it will grow, says Martin Österdahl in the program.

Can get the “World Vision”

producers notes that it is good for the world to gather in a large music events.
– I am very happy that this unification program there. Then get well feel a little bit but there are lots of ways to develop this, says Johan Bernhagen.

They also reveal that there are plans to let Eurovision expand to a “World Vision”.
– There is such ambitions and thoughts within the EBU and the ESC key. There have been requests to do something in America and there is an idea to do something in Asia. We’ll see where it lands, says Martin Österdahl. Eurovision Viewing Records – Eurovision


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