Thursday, May 12, 2016

Frans alone northerner in the ESC-finals – NSD

Neither Denmark nor Norway took on from Thursday’s semifinals. The Danish contribution “Soldiers of Love” was written already after the first rehearsal and was seen as absolutely no chance, but for Norway stings might defeat the more.

Agnete and her “Icebreaker” has been something of a watershed in Eurovision country. Many hoped she could get to the final.

With Finland and Iceland already out in the semifinals a Sweden Frans the only northerner in the final.

Australia went further

But for Australia continue the success story. Last year they were allowed for the first time participate in the Eurovision Song Contest and Guy Sebastian as the standard-bearer took the country to the final and a creditable fifth place.

This year’s country representative Dami Im, and on Thursday proved the singer that she can live up to the hype that surrounded her contribution “sounds of silence”. Dami Im in the finals and are now counted among the favorites. Maybe she can challenge the victory tipped Sergei Lazarev in the battle for first place.

Even Georgia Nika Kocharov & amp; Georgian Young Lolitas made it to the finals with the song “Midnight Gold”, which means that the Swedish Thomas G: son has two songs in the final. For he has also been written contribution of Cyprus who went on Tuesday.

No wolves in the final

The program managers Mans Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede hailed after the intervention of the first semifinal on Thursday night and they had to show what they could in a large pages show numbers. The duo delivered both Irish Riverdance as a tongue-twisting list of all the languages ​​that have been heard in the competition over the years.

Mans Zelmerlöw also took the opportunity to throw the clothes in a playful commentary on the Belarusian artist Ivan’s desire to appear naked with wolves.

There were not Ivan, who however duplicated itself in the form of a naked hologram cuddling with three wolves. If it was due to holograms or the song “Help you escape” will be gone, but Ivan did not advance to Saturday’s final.


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