Saturday, May 14, 2016

Garage and parking around the globe switched off during ESC – Aftonbladet

Yesterday evening working police bomb technicians around the globe during the audience repeated the Eurovision Song Contest final.

Today, garages and parking lots around the stadium blocked off.

– We have made the assessment of safety, says Kjell Lindgren, press spokesman of the police.

Ahead of tonight’s Eurovision song contest and related fanparty in the Globe and Tele2 has garage and parking lots around the Globe blocked off.

It is confirmed by police spokesman Kjell Lindgren.

– the fact that one should have events both in the Globe and by 10 000 people at Tele2, we have made the assessment of safety, we can not allow vehicles and vehicle traffic to and from the garage, he said.

police: Unusual roadblock

he believes that it is unusual to make the type of barriers.

– I know that you turned off the parts of the garage before, but it is seldom we have big events in both the Globe and Tele2, he said.

According to him, the closures planned since mid-February and runs from Saturday night until the event is over tomorrow.

– It is a decision taken by the organizers in collaboration with us and arena companies to ensure safety, it is Stockholm’s security personnel in charge of the roadblock, says Kjell Lindgren.

bomb Wagon with blue lights

yesterday evening heard several people off to Aftonbladet since they had seen police bomb strength arrive the Globe with blue lights and a bomb wagon of the type using the destruction of suspected explosive material.

– they were there is nothing strange, we have people in place to do different things in our safety. That they had the blue light is more strange, there is nothing I have heard of.

Kjell Lindgren said that two unauthorized persons were found in the area, a fire alarm will also be triggered in the arena.

– this allows you to search through the area again, it was probably nothing more serious than that, he says.


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