Thursday, May 19, 2016

EBU: Ukraine violated the rules of the Eurovision – Expressen

Jamalas winning song of the Eurovision “1944″ was already made in May last year.

Something is against the contest rules – on Thursday, the EBU has a meeting where they investigated Jamal previous gig.

Despite the foul choose EBU now not to wash the song – on the grounds that not enough people have seen the show, they write in a press release.

– We have told the Ukrainian delegation says Jon Ola Sand, chief director of the EBU.

On Thursday came several tasks that Jamalas winning song “1944″ have been put forward in May last year.

The site ESCToday writes to Jamala rendered parts of the song during a concert and the performance has been publicly on Youtube since.

The rules of the Eurovision Song Contest is crystal clear. The first still available date to submit an entry was September 1, 2015 – not in May of the same year.

Ukraine can break the rules

But the EBU also writes in its rules to contributions that have been made before the date limit can be allowed to compete, provided that spread has been so limited that the early performance does not have affected the results, type SVT.

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BBC journalist Steve Rosenberg writes on Twitter that the EBU on Thursday investigated whether Jamalas early performance can breaking the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He also writes that the reference in the Eurovision competition’s highest decision-making body, looked into the matter.

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Jamal’s song washed not

Shortly before 11:30 EBU has sent out a press release. There, confirms the current information that they have researched Jamalas early performance, but also writes that despite regelberottet not selected washing song:

“The video shows a small concert and has only been seen by a hundred people, before it was discovered in recent days. the EBU has decided that the video did not Jamala an unfair advantage during the Eurovision song Contest and therefore the song is not to be washed, “the EBU in the press release the country.

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Jon Ola Sand, chief director of the EBU, says that they got to know about Jamalas early performance already yesterday – and they have since been sitting in the meeting:

– we have had similar situations in the past, and we have said that it’s okay. We must be a little modern when it comes to things like this. For there are many musicians who use social media and other things, to publish his music, and as long as they have not received any professional advantage, we have decided that it is okej.Och there are very few who have seen the early appearance so she got no advantage over the competition, he said.

“We have talked to Ukraine”

Jon Ola Sand also say that they have had close contact with the Ukrainian delegation:

– We have talked to them, and they know they will not be disqualified.


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