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TV4′s coup against SVT – canvassing TV host – Expressen

TV4 make a new Ebba von Sydow coup and recruits host from SVT.

Niklas Strömstedt leave SVT “Thank you for the music” to make a new program with his wife Jenny Östergren.

– Jenny and Niklas will do a program on TV4, but more than that we can not tell you right now, says Malin Lind Born, press officer at the channel.

last year, left the TV host Ebba von Sydow, 35, SVT, TV4 competitor. Now even enlisted SVT profile Niklas Strömstedt, 57, to the channel. After four seasons with “Thank you for the music”, he, along with his wife Jenny Östergren, 43, work on a new project at TV4.

The program will be recorded on Dalaro, where the family Strömstedt the house.

Among the guests that are completed are Jan Malmsjö, Marie Göranzon, Lasse Hallström and Lena Olin.

Niklas Strömstedt SVT program “Thank you for the music” began airing in 2011. In the program, he has four seasons met Swedish celebrities who Orup, Eva Dahlgren, Marie Fredriksson and Jill Johnson.

in the latest episode, which aired in January 2015 visited Mauro Scocco.

TV4′s press officer, Malin Lindahl Born, confirming that they recruited the people dear artist:

– we can confirm that Jenny and Niklas will do a program on TV4, but more than that we can not tell you right now.

Jenny and Niklas Strömstedt to do television together. Photo: Stefan Lindblom / Helsingborg-Picture / HELSINGBORGS PICTURE AB Evening Post

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yesterday was Niklas Strömstedt in New York, where he together with among others Zara Larsson and Sabina Ddumba, play in SVT’s upcoming revival “One night in New York.” The program, in which artists can interpret and perform their favorite at the legendary Apollo Theatre, will be sent in the fall.

Even Jenny Östergren was on location in New York. On Monday, she published a picture of her husband along with Oscar Zia and Andrew Johnson.


Niklas and Jenny Östergren appeared together in TV4 in October last year, when she was the hostess and he interviewee.

But when the cameras family’s overheated it. In a movie like “Nyhetsmorgon” published after the broadcast kissing couple in the studio.

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Ebba von Sydow left SVT after five years on the channel to TV4 attracted by a program management role on “news Morning”.

Viveka Hansson, TV4 group’s program director for news and society, then told that they long had his eyes on von Sydow.

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