Thursday, May 19, 2016

Great dissatisfaction within the police – three out of four want to quit –

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the last year three of the four policemen in southern Sweden considered leaving their profession.

74 percent of police officers in southern Sweden is the last six months thinking about leaving their profession. Every fifth police in South are also actively looking for a new job.

This is clear after the Police Association given Novus to conduct a member survey in which 775 members of the South answered questions about his police career.

– the police must be allowed to develop as police officers, when the workload increases, while wage growth slowed, sees many no other possibility than to leave police work and police shortage is now becoming increasingly obvious, says Lena Nitz , president of the police Union, in a press release.

the main reason to leave the poor salary. Police officers under 40 and parents of young children who earn less than 27 000 per month is the most dissatisfied.

– Dissatisfaction among young newly trained police officers is of particular concern. Now, decisive action is needed, in the form of better wages, a more reasonable workload and a clearer police organization. Otherwise the risk is that no one wants to be a cop anymore, says Lena Nitz.

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