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Here singing fans in the queue to Håkan Hellström – Gothenburg Post

Sigrid Langwagen is first in line to Håkan Hellström at Ullevi She holds petition among those camping at the Mountain King. Photo: Jonas Lindtsedt.

Sigrid Langwagen is first in line to Håkan Hellström at Ullevi She holds petition among the camping at the Mountain King. Photo: Jonas Lindtsedt.

Simon Lundgren is among the first in the queue to Håkan Hellström concert at Ullevi. Photo: Jonas Lindtsedt.

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Mississippi can wait and it can Håkans fans too. The first köarna to Ullevi was already in place on Wednesday and since then an impromptu festival area emerged on Bergakungens roof.

It is good köväder, almost a little too good. The temperature is ticking towards 28 degrees and Hakan fans portions of water and ice cubes. During Tuesday’s already up 40 people on site at the Mountain King roofs and there is a happy and excited mood.

Meanwhile, the growing tent city of more organized than many workplaces, with frequent appeals to the in place to be able to keep his queue number. The days then turned to throw the Frisbee, kick the football, play guitar, sing, sing and play games. Each day also begins with morning gymnastics so the body remains fresh and healthy.
– It is going very well. Everyone knows how to do and are very helpful, says Sigrid “1A” Langwagen that is first in line with Mathilda “2A” Edman, which can also be seen in the film about the Ullevi concert in 2014. She was also number two in the queue and the she was of course also when Hakan played in New York earlier this year.
– It is a good figure, I feel comfortable there.

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Sigrid had to be content with “just” queuing day before 2014 because she then was limited by a school trip. But this time, she takes revenge and will be at the until Saturday. on Sunday she expects instead to recover the back. Before the concerts, she hopes to hear songs that are not played as often as Long Roads and Just as Romeo. she also likes the new EP 1979th
– it’s amazing. it’s not like any other and has a completely different sound. I like that he made it his thing to do new things each time.

But no matter how much a person loves an artist. Does it really make sense to queue for a week for a concert? When the question is put to the people in place to meet the uncomprehending glances and a recurring answers.
– Queue really feels like the wrong word. There is something else this. You do not sit and wait, but you meet lots of new people and have fun, says Simon Lundgren, who is here with his sister Angelika Lundgren.

– There has been a disappointment as well. The queues are almost as good as the concert, says Johanna Stefan and daughter taking a break from the sun under an umbrella.

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The only black cloud köarna is actually when the day of the concert will and they should leave the Mountain King and instead begin to queue up outside the Ullevi Stadium. The queues which begins promptly at seven in the morning and then you have to be first. The risk is that people come and question the existing queue system. Of course provided that they dare to stand against a high strong-minded fans with numbers on their hands.

Last year, several hundred in place when Phase 2 of queuing began with two concerts this year will probably not be fewer this time.


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