Saturday, May 21, 2016

Urban in discussions about the new “Dredd” – NSD

The 2012 “Dredd” was not as successful as the protagonist, the nyzeeländske actor Karl Urban, had hoped for. With just more than equivalent to 180 million recorded worldwide was the 3D film a resounding loss, when it cost more than twice as much to record.

Dredd is an example of poor marketing. (…) The basic problem was that no one knew that it would be released, says Urban.

For some consolation selling DVD in 750,000 copies in its first week in North America and has since achieved a cult status, according to Urban, which is open to be involved in some sort of sequel, although it would not move on a traditional biofim.

Fans demanding to see more and it would be a privilege to continue the story. It’s like a treasure trove of amazing stories of Judge Dredd would be absolutely wonderful to see, says Urban.

immediately visible Karl Urban as the doctor Leonard McCoy in “Star Trek: Beyond” and ahead of “Thor : Ragnarok “.


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