Monday, May 30, 2016

Brilliant! Jönsson- league is reunited – Expressen

Here reunited Jönssonligan.

Gösta Ekman, Bjorn Gustafson and Ulf Brunnberg stood on stage together last Saturday at Grotescos finish.

the three colorful characters Charles-Ingvar “Sickan” Jönsson, played by Gösta Ekman and Vanheden, played by Ulf Brunnberg, and Dynamit-Harry, played by Bjorn Gustafson, are some of the all time most beloved characters in the Swedish movie.

on Saturday reunited “Jönssonligan” -skådespelarna at the conclusion of comedian group Grotescos show at Circus – any Henry Schyffert immortalized in the form of a picture on Facebook.

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“Jönssonligan” -trione reunited

the post writes Henry Schyffert:

” Henrik – you know jönssonligan? Henrik 13 years – yes, it is well damn clear I know !! Henry – I just want to tell you that 35 years you will share the stage with them on Grotescos end to the circus. Henrik is 13 years – * head explodes * “.

was last seen together at the end of the 80s

Gösta Ekman, Bjorn Gustafson and Ulf Brunnberg synthesis finally together in the late 80′s.

First “Jönssonligan” movie came out in 1981, “Warning Jönssonligan”. In total there are nine “Jönssonligan” movies in the original series but Gosta Ekman dropped out after “Jönssonligan in Mallorca” for the role of Martin Beck – after the defection came three more films.

– We know each other inside and out, has Ulf Brunnberg previously said about his colleague Gösta Ekman and then continued:

– then there was the Peter Haber, and then there was Stellan Skarsgard and Johan Ulveson. But it was nice and good too. But it will never be the same.

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Get the new film last year

Last year it came out a reboot: “Jönssonligan – the perfect heist.” The role of Charles Ingvar Jönsson played by Simon J. Berger, Vanheden played by Alexander Karim and Dynamit-Harry was played by Torkel Petersson.

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