Monday, May 16, 2016

Settlement of copied elephant image – Västerbotten Courier

The dispute about an elephant painting from Mio has reached a settlement and will not reach the law, reports SVT News West.

The board’s motive was a copy by British photographer Nick Brandt’s famous elephant picture “Portrait of elephant on the bare earth”, as shown at the Photographic Museum in Stockholm last year. Photographer demanded 300,000 crowns in compensation from the furniture giant, which he felt had infringed copyright and “blackened down his brand”.

Mio removed the painting from its lineup, apologized and said that the damage was minimal but the photographer sued anyway Mio for copyright infringement. But now the parties have thus reached a settlement, the details are secret.

– I can not say more than that the parties have agreed, saying the furniture giant Mio’s lawyer Per Josefsson to SVT.


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