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“The victory is a revenge against Russia” – Göteborgs-Posten

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New fuel thrown on the political debate that may not exist in the Eurovision when Ukraine won with the song “1944″. The policy has won over culture, beats a Russian politician firm. The road to the next Eurovision can be tricky.

Australia led when juries had given their points, but towards the end it was the big favorite Russia and the underdog – Ukraine.

When the final scores were awarded, it became clear that Ukraine, represented by the singer Jamala and grant “in 1944,” had won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

it was the yellow-blue Ukrainian flag who waved the most when the crucial point was ticking on the scoreboard – and the political victory was a fact when Ukraine won the competition in the Globe.

– I am confident that the contribution is included to return to humiliate Russia, said Vadim Dangin, politicians in the Russian State Duma, the Moscow Times in March.

Russia hoped that song would be disqualified because of political undertones. But the organizer EBU stated that the song “1944″ is not considered to be political. Juries liked the song. And it fell to an even better taste of millions of TV viewers.

Jamala is krimtatar and “1944″ is about the Soviet deportation of her people; ethnic cleansing that befell her great-grandmother. The song has received strong political charge in Ukraine and Russia. Jamalas contributions may as well be regarded as a reaction to the current situation in the region and Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula two years ago.

– I really wish peace and love for all, shouting Jamala from the stage in Stockholm.

– It was not the Ukrainian singer Jamala and the song “1944″ which won Eurovision 2016 with no policy victory over culture, he said according to Russian news agencies, and raises a debate on whether Russia will participate in next year’s competition in Ukraine.

at the press conference after the ruling was asked Jamala if she would like to see the Eurovision with “a free Crimean” next year.

– I want to see the Eurovision in Ukraine, was her reply.

Just after it became clear that Jamala had won the name of Ukraine began congratulations pour in. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was one that paid tribute to the singer and the country’s contribution of social media.

“Yes !!!” tweeted Porosjenko when the voting was over and the Ukraine was the winner. An incredible performance and an incredible victory! All Ukraine sends you a heartfelt thanks, Jamala “

” want to personally congratulate Jamal victory. Today spoke Ukrainian people through her voice to the world. And she won! “Writes the president.”

But at the same time came is criticism, including from the Russian contribution songwriter Philip Kirkorov.

– If the rules had changed and was in 2008, when had Sergei (Russian contribution) won, he says according to

Sergey Lazarev, however, was happy third.

– For me this is a great victory. I did my best and got me the bronze. We welcome Ukraine, says Sergey Lazarev, who performed the Russian contribution.

Veronica Melkozerova , culture journalist for the English-language Kyiv Post, says that she is exhausted after the night’s celebration, when TT calling her in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. The victory means a redress of Ukrainian residents after Russia annexed Crimea and mixed up in the war in Dobassregionen she explains.

– When we won the neighbors stood on the balcony and shouted out his joy. It was such a great moment and such a sweet revenge. It suggests that Europe supports us and understand the tragedy that we have suffered.

She now believes that Ukraine must already begin work on next year’s event to live up to the high expectations placed on a host nation.

– I think that many Europeans are reluctant to travel to Kiev because of the fear of radical activists, but I hope the country can agree during the Eurovision.

Russia will not to participate next year, guess Veronica Melkozerova.

– the reaction of the Russian media are furious, and aims to Sergey Lazarev won the people’s voice, but that Ukraine had juryins votes for political reasons, she said.


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