Tuesday, May 24, 2016

“Pink Panther” star has died – Expressen

Burt Kwouk is dead, writes the Mirror.

“Pink Panther” -skådespelaren was 85 years.

Burt Kwouk has passed away.

The actor was 85 years. His agent confirmed the death on Tuesday afternoon, writes the Mirror.

In a statement saying the agent:

– The beloved actor Burt Kwouk has sadly passed away in silence May 24 says the agent.

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The family will hold a private funeral

The statement says that the family will hold a private funeral for Kwouk. But we are also planning a memorial service.

– The family will have a private funeral, but there will be a memorial service at a later date, says the agent.

Kwouk married Caroline Tebbs 1961. The wedding was held in Wandsworth, Surrey. The couple had a son Christopher in 1974.

Kwouk is mainly known for his role as Clouseau valet Cato in the “Pink Panther” films. He played the role in several movies, from the second onwards.

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Burt Kwouk was awarded the British Empire

He also played in three James Bond films, “Goldfinger,” “Casino Royale “in 1967 and” You only live twice. ” Kwouk played in several major films. His last role on the silver screen was in 2003 in the movie “Beyond Borders”.

Burt Kwouk also played in a number of television series, including the role of Entwistle in “Last of the Summer Wine” and Major Yamauchi in the “Tenko”. He continued to work late into life. As late as 2012, he played in the TV series “Whatever Happened to Harry Hill”.

2011 was awarded Burt Kwouk the British Empire for services to drama.

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