Monday, May 23, 2016

Ken Loach won this year’s Palme d’Or – Swedish Dagbladet

Ken Loach Photo: imago / Xinhua / IBL

– You Cannes film keeps the world alive. Keep it up, he said in his acceptance speech.

– There is a lot of desperation in the world now, and the extreme right is growing strong. We must say that there is another world.

“I, Daniel Blake,” which Sweden will premiere in the fall, is about a couple who run head on the wall when trying to get their right to social services. There is a strong and accusatory film, very much in the tradition of the loach usually do.

The big surprise was that the German film “Toni Erdman” was totally without price. It has been a critics favorite ever since it appeared and was tipped generally take home one or more prizes. But that was not the case.

Neither did Paul Verhoeven’s acclaimed comeback “Elle” any price. And none of the Swedish short films won a Palme d’Or – the prize went to Spain.


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