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After the success – Frans new future information – Expressen

Shortly after the final of the Eurovision Song Contest is Frans Jeppsson-Wall back home in Ystad, where he is now preparing for the normal life of the school.

Although there are plans continued artistic career there.

– We are all fat tagged to continue, he said.

It has been a busy time Frans Jeppsson Wall, 17, who juggled both studies and music competitions for a long time.

after his participation in the contest, he was burned out – during the Eurovision Song Contest, he was therefore live by a strict schedule.

– It was just too much. Once you are inside the body understands that body that you have to work again this. But as soon as you are resting so just crash it, he has previously said.

– I got sick. I became very ill. It destroyed that I could not do much. Not even my music. The energy was gone. There was a lot of different phases. No fun phases.

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Frans focused on school again

When the Frenchman won the Eurovision Song Contest in March, he returned to school just days afterwards. The plan now is exactly the same now.

Just a few hours after the Eurovision Song Contest, where he was with the song “If I Were sorry” was placed in fifth place, he was back home in Ystad.

Now he focuses on getting into the everyday business as usual again.

– Yes I think so, school on Monday, says Frans Jeppsson Wall.

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Frans will be releasing new songs

But even though he will continue with the studies available some artist plans to go, he says.

Among other things, he will continue to work on a few songs that are almost ready.

– the music will always be there, we are all fat tagged in to continue with the songs we already almost finished writing, he says, and continues:

– So it’s just back to it. Back to normal life.

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