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Stalin’s death sentence – therefore written “1944″ – Expressen

LONDON. Jamalas contributions angered Russia as soon as she won at home in Ukraine.

The annexation of the Crimea is not mentioned in the text.

But the singer was clear about his message:

– Of course. Two years ago gave this sorrow to my life, ‘she said before the final.

Ukraine’s contribution “1944″ depicts precisely the year 1944, when mass deportation of the Crimean Tatars was carried out under Josef Stalin’s rule. Thousands of the 240,000 people who were forced from their homes died of starvation. For many it was not until after the Soviet Union before they could return to the Crimea.

The singer Jamala, or Susana Jamaladinova she really called, belongs to self minority Crimean Tatars who today live in Ukraine.

her great-grandmother and her five children were among those deported.

During the press conference held immediately after the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest decided, was Jamala emotional when she was asked about her great-grandmother, as she dedicated the song to. The winner stopped and got something shiny in her eyes before she answered:

Joseph Stalin

– I would prefer that such things happened to my great-grandmother had never happened. I wish that my song had never had to exist, she said at the press conference.

“We are not guilty ‘

One of the lines of text in the song reads:

” when the aliens come, come to your house, they will kill you all and say we are not guilty. “

Although Jamala, who wrote the song himself, avoided any reference to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, two years ago, she faced the finals no secret of his message. The grant was to be a reminder of the events on the Crimean Peninsula, she explained, after receiving questions about låttextens message several times.

– Of course. Two years ago gave this sorrow to my life, ‘she said of the speculation.

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She developed his argument for SVT Kulturnyheterna and said:

– There are a lot of grief right now in the Crimea and people disappear. Library and places where young Crimean Tatars formerly could meet and exchange ideas, closed, prohibited and there is a sadness now in the Crimea, like the one that existed in 1944.

Crimean Tatars deported in 1944

Even when became known which contributions would represent Ukraine in the Eurovision song contest was considered controversial election. The British newspaper The Guardian noted that the song risked being criticized. But Jamala defended himself, saying that it was her duty to sing what she feels.

– Musicians should express their feelings, their true feelings, do not sing meaningless words that we hear all the time, ‘she said before the race in Stockholm.

“given us so much pain”

When SVT’s “Culture News” asked what she thinks about those who listen to the song connects it to the day’s events on the Crimean Peninsula, she replied

– It’s been two years after the annexation of the Crimea and this annexation has given us so much pain and brought so much emotion in me, horrible memories came back to me and my family.

it was not long before it was heard criticism from Russia, including from politicians. It was claimed that the song was a way to smear Russia – and not described the story correctly.

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– It is a strange choice. I am convinced that this is intended to offend Russia, said the head of information committee of the State Duma Vadim Dengin told AFP.

Soviet troops march toward Crimea

After the EBU audited the song was found that neither the title nor the content in any way contrary to the rules contained in the Eurovision for political content of the grants.

Russia Lazarev: Can not judge the country

Jamala said before the earnings that she had received criticism from Russian politicians, which she laughed at.

– I do not know what to say. It helps to shift more focus to the song, when some in Russia say there is politics in my song.

Russia’s Sergey Lazarev, who ended up closely behind Ukraine when the last votes had been presented, has also defended the singer and said:

– I can not judge the country song of their choice. I personally think that Jamala is a fantastic singer. I piece the song is more a historical song. We have a common history.

It is not the first time Russia has been involved in the row over political messages in the competition.

2009 was assessed Georgia’s contribution “We Do not Wanna Put In” as inappropriate in the competition because it alluded to the Russian president’s name. The country was able to rewrite the text, but instead chose to withdraw from the competition.

Russian soldiers on foot outside a ukriansk military base in March 2014. Photo: Ivan Sekretarev / AP

in the same year, Russia announced that it was considering reopening its Soviet version of the music competition – “Inter Vision Contest”. The plan was, however, on the shelf, writes the Daily Telegraph.

Both during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 and 2015 were the Russian contributions booed for the annexation of the Crimea and Russia’s antigay laws.


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