Thursday, May 12, 2016

As protected Petra Mede back face dance number – Aftonbladet

She has defied the pain for the evening dance.

Behind the scenes, protected Petra Mede back for her to carry the show.

– I have continuous help, she says.

Petra Mede back pain forced her to set up multiple ropes last week.

It is above all the opening number in the other semi-final that caused problems. Where she performs a song and dansakt with Mans Zelmerlöw and dancers.

– I’ve had these problems for a long time and sometimes it gets worse. But I have been taken care of very well and now I’m back. There is no problem, she said last week.

“Have continuous help”

The last few days have programs leading duo completed the number several times.

Behind the scenes may Petra Mede care to carry out the dance number and avoid pain.

– I have continuous help naprapath if necessary. It is here in the Globe that I have access to all the time, she says.

It is supplemented by own exercises.

– I do a bit småövningar in the lodge to stabilize and strengthen further, she says.

Warming up minutes before the show

And before minutes before tonight’s television show, the focus is extra large to soften her body.

– I will warm up slightly at the beginning and the rest we have seen to it that I do not take in too much. I act appears to be in my face like that.

After gårdages ropes, she was in good spirits.

– It feels surprisingly good, I’m so glad I recovered me so well. I am overjoyed because I so badly wanted to do this number. Now I feel completely calm, there is no problem, she says.


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