Monday, May 30, 2016

Rock Depressed death – Aftonbladet


This was too depressed worse.

Somewhere Hollywood Vampires , one of the reasons that in general training to be a rock journalist.

It is sometimes the most obvious nonsense, you never would have seen voluntarily, they remember best.

and is not it strange “supergroup” with Alice Cooper , guitarist Joe Perry from Aerosmith and Captain Jack Sparrow on the way and unforgettable way.

What is this something? Have the props from the funhouse moved out of the entertainment field’s concert scene?

The show consists of 98 percent of covers and is dedicated to the members packed and dead idols or friends.

The Who “My Generation” is to Keith Moon , “Come together” passed to John Lennon and George Harrison , “Whole Lotta love” has John Bonham in mind, “Manic depression” is a salute to the Jimi Hendrix , and so on. READ ALSO Here goes the star against Grona Lund

None, however, would have been surprised if it turned out that Joe Perry was sleepwalking behind its thick and bottle-bottom sunglasses. When he is not Amar in front of a Carol -fläkt in a vain pose, most of his clothes to be fluttering in a dramatic way, in a solo, he barely bothered to smash a guitar in the song five.

With great and weary indifference bash his instrument in the drum podium, again and again and again. It takes a while before the damn thing breaks and Pete Townshend -teatern ends. READ ALSO After the scandals: Depp is in Sweden

Alice Cooper is nothing much wrong, absolutely not. But often it sounds more like he recites aloud from rock guide the ABC than sings with empathy. View karaoke version of David Bowie “Rebel Rebel” as an example.

And Johnny Depp ? He has, after all, after being smuggled dogs to Australia and a particular attention divorce, become the show’s main character.

Well, he has a guitar down there on one leg or is it a limp balloon? A very reasonable question, given the way he treats his instrument.

Depp lullar around, a little aimlessly. He was pawing at their strings, lights a cigarillo and arguing with his lank shawl (fans insist blow tygtrasorna straight up in his face). READ ALSO Criticism before Depp’s Sweden-gig

To see Johnny pirate rock around with the dough in the knees and beat some slack riffs with a stiff arm in “Ace of Spades” is truly an experience.

the rest of the band, including the drummer Matt Sorum , seems pretty fun. They save some ways the concert from getting a wooden stake in the heart, while the three main characters meet all the prejudices of unworldly and bored rock vampires.

What, for example, sounds better than tonight’s version of “Train kept a-rollin ‘ “? A cordless drill.

The pre seemed to be a funny parody lowered the trio’s total lack of joy, self-irony and humor.

So when exactly ten colorful party balloons moloket bouncing around in the audience during encore “School’s out” die the old coat again, this time with a roller coaster in the background.

Let it never be resurrected.

that’s enough now. READ ALSO PLUS Bet hotel guard in the leg at the Stockholm tavern


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