Monday, May 16, 2016

Han Kang won the Booker Prize – Västerbotten Courier

Culture Telegram The South Korean writer Han Kang won on Monday the prestigious literary award Man Booker International Prize for his novel “the vegetarian”, reports the BBC.


José Eduardo Agualusa: “A General theory of oblivion”

Elena Ferrante: “The story of the lost child”

He Kang: “The vegetarian”

yan lianke: “The four books”

Orhan Pamuk: “A strangeness in my mind”

Robert Seethaler: “A whole life”

Footnote: Book titles in English if they are not available in Swedish.

the jury was unanimous in its decisions and juror Boyd Tonkin call Han Kang’s novel “hauntingly powerful and original.”

– This compact, stunning and disturbing book will linger long in the minds maybe even in the dreams of readers said Boyd Tonkin when the winner is announced at a ceremony in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, according to the BBC.

“the vegetarian” He Kang’s first book translated into English, was released last year and is about a woman who has stopped eating meat to clear his mind and “reject human brutality.”

He Kang’s lectures in creative writing at the University of Art in Seoul and has since “the vegetarian” written “human acts”, which was released earlier this year.

Other nominees for the award were Italian Elena Ferrante, Turkish Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, Chinese yan lianke, Robert Seethaler (Austria), and José Eduardo Agualusa (Angola).

He Kang and the British translator Deborah Smith share the prize money 50 000 British pounds, the equivalent of almost 600 000.


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