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Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest: “Want to give peace and love to all” – Aftonbladet

It was Ukraine who took home the victory.

After a performance shocker ports Frans Jeppsson-Wall in fifth place.

– I know you sang peace and love in the act. And I really want to give peace and love to all, she said from the stage after the victory.

Blågul victory – to Ukraine.

and the results show was a shocker.

Ukraine’s Susana “Jamala” Jamaladinova , 32, were both jury groups and people second and took home the victory in the Eurovision song contest 2016 with 534 points. Second was Australia with 511 and Russia third with 491 points, both were great favorites during the week, but Ukraine sailed on and won.

– I know you sang about peace and love in the act. And I really want to give peace and love to all, said Jamala from the scene.

Political scandal surrounding the song

She made the final victory with the song “1944,” which considered the competition’s most political contributions. The song takes off in massdeporteringen of a quarter of a million Tatars from the Crimea during World War II, but also directs a strong political message about the country’s situation today.

During the week, reacted more in social media that the song would be about the situation between Ukraine and Russia, since Russia took control of the Crimean peninsula two years ago.

But Jamala denied that the song would have a political message about the situation going on on the Crimean Peninsula right now, and continued to argue that it’s her family history .

– it’s about my great-grandmother, this performance tonight was completely dedicated to her and to all the Tatars and Ukrainians in my life. It was for my country, she says.

“very painful”

Jamala has previously reported on family history.

– My great-grandmother was forced to leave his country in train where they neither received food or water. I sing this song to my family history. I have to sing again and again, because it still makes a lot of pain, she told the BBC.

Russian politicians and the Crimean authorities reacted to the song’s content when it became clear that it would compete and stated that it spread a false picture of history. The EBU has in turn approved the song, saying that it does not violate any contest rules, saying that songs should not have political messages.

Shine at the press conference

At the press conference at 01:30 on Saturday night rail Jamala with trophy in hand and posed for press photographers.

How happy are you now?

– I do not have that word in English.

the song is about your grandmother, what would you say to her?

– I would prefer if all she was exposed to had not happened and that this song would not exist.

What did you feel when you got the results?

– you can really touch when you sing about the truth.

What did you do before you went on stage?

– it was so hot, it has been such a wonderful show tonight, thanks Stockholm for it.

Ukraine has been ranked the country 44 out of 49 in terms of security for LGBT people. Will LGBT people can feel safe in the finals next year?

– Of course. Of course.

When the EBU’s top manager Jon Ola Sand, he pressed particularly on safety.

– It would be great if everyone who wants to travel to the finals in May next year can do it safely and secure and I am sure that you will be able to live up to it, he said.

Working on a new album

2009 she hit it big in the talent contest “new Wave – 2009 “in Jurmala.

– the Eurovision song contest is a difficult race to complete, hhär will compete with only one song in several different stages. You have to think about what message you want to send to all who are watching and listening.

Now, she is working on new music material.

– Yes, I will be working on a new album. I think it will pretty soon. Last day I wrote a new song: “We are together, we are together, we are together” sjuner she then and clapping hands.

– It is inspired by the ESC slogan: “Come together”.

Ukraine won the 2004

Ukraine won the contest in 2004 with Ruslanas song Wild dance and held the finals in Kiev in 2005.

and Christer Björkman, the Swedish schlager general who made himself a name in the competition is willing to work with the competition next year.

– Yes, really. If they call and say they want help and I will do enough to like it.

Are you going to call?

– No, but they call, I will take it is under consideration.

Minister in place in the arena

Ukraine’s Minister of Culture Vyacheslav Kyrylenko was in place during the final in Globen. Before the live broadcast, he said:

– I hope we can get a nice win for our country. The contribution is very important for us because our singer represents the Crimean Tatars who have trouble getting to stay where they live. For us it is already a winning song.

What do you think about Frans?

– I heard parts of the song and it sounded professional and good. I think that the Swedes should supporta Ukraine now and so we support you next time.

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