Thursday, May 12, 2016

Nordic slaughter in Eurovision – just Sweden to the finals – Aftonbladet

Four hembiljetter, please.

The semi-finals of the Eurovision song contest became a Nordic slaughter, Sweden is the only country left in the final on Saturday.

– It’s a shame, says Frans Jeppsson Wall.

The two semi-finals has been a Nordic slaughter.

In Tuesday’s semifinals were Finland and Iceland see themselves excluded from the competition. During tonight’s semi-final number two was the Danish and Norwegian Agnetes lucky to get direct ticket home.

She has struggled with mental health problems before his appearance, and during the week suspended all public appearances and interviews alongside the actual performance.

Despite the elimination, she sees performance as a triumph.

– I won over myself. I stood on the stage and invited me, I am so insanely proud of myself. I would love to compete in the finals, but now it’s like this, says Agnete Johnsen to VG.

Frans: “I think it’s a shame”

The Left is now just directly qualified Frans Jeppsson Wall vying for Serige with start number nine on Saturday.

– I think it’s a shame, I like many of the songs, Norway, Iceland, many were good. No, it was a shame.

Do you feel alone?

– Yeah, it’s pretty empty on the stage and there are not that many in the audience says he was joking fully and laughs.

How do you see the opposition on Saturday?

– it’s hard for me to get a picture of it, it are people outside who vote. We are just here to make the country proud. There are many good songs in the final.

How will you download now on Friday and Saturday?

– I will sleep, eat and work. I tags to now and will be really loaded once it comes.

He sat and watched the semifinals along with French artist Amir .

– The evening was good, we talked about the competition and general stuff, he says.

Can affect Sweden positively

Nöjesbladet Torbjörn Ek is surprised Norway’s exit tonight.

– I’m really surprised that Agnete not moved on, her eyes felt so safe and she smiled with eyes in such a way that it should have charmed viewers.

He also believes that the Nordic region’s scant hindsight may to push the Swedish contribution slightly up in the final result.

– it’s gank common with neighboring voting and especially in the Nordic countries, he says in Nöjesbladet live broadcast.


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