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Height safety before Depp Sweden gig – Expressen

The last few days have been turbulent for Johnny Depp because he is accused of assaulting his wife, Amber Heard.

On Monday, he stands on stage at Grona Lund – and the amusement park now met by criticism from visitors.

At the same time increase the security for the Hollywood Vampires concert.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard goes parted ways after 15 months of marriage. Amber Heard should have been the one who took the initiative when she submitted an application for divorce.

Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp to several times during the brief marriage to have abused her, and on Friday issued a temporary restraining order against Johnny Depp .

she has appeared in court with obvious bruises on his face, and to have shown up several images from various occasions when she claims to have been beaten by Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp has have not commented on the accusations – but his lawyer, Laura Wasser, said that the accusations are false.

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Grona Lund-visitor calls for a boycott

After the last days of turbulence agrees with Johnny Depp on stage at Grona Lund in Stockholm tomorrow, Monday, along with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, the band Hollywood Vampires.

Now meet Grona Lund criticism from visitors at this event.

“What is the Green grove to the woman abuser?” writes one person.

“I’m boycotting …” writes another person and refers to an article about the accusations.

“Do you take any position Grönan against it brought to light? I hope in any case, that as many as possible to do the right thing and boycott. Away with abusive men who maintain their careers while battered and abused women have their careers ruined! ” writes another person.

Annika Troselius: “renounces all violence”

Grona Lund has responded to criticism on Facebook. Annika Troselius, press officer at Grona Lund:

– First I want to say that Grona Lund obvious renounces all violence. But while we can not judge anyone beforehand. Everyone is innocent until proven. Of course you can express their views and criticisms to us, we read everything and try to respond to that as well. Obviously you have the right as a guest to choose if you want to come to the concert or not, she says.

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increased safety for the Hollywood Vampires concert

Despite the visitor’s call to boycott counts Grona Lund with it will be one of the major concerts held in the summer at the amusement park.

Therefore, raising the security – extra security guards brought in.

– this is probably one of the biggest concerts we will have in the summer, and I think it will be one of the most visited too. Safety is always high on the agenda of Grona Lund. We have a close cooperation with the police, to such large concerts we also take up extra security guards and concert hosts. Safety always comes first for us, says Annika Troselius.

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